We asked 16 Miami Fitness Trainers “What’s the one thing they do every day to stay fit” and the answers may surprise you.

1). Rob Didonato – Owner, MYOCORTEX

I try to get 30 minutes of Pilates Reformer 101 which consists of footwork, straight arm arches, bent arm arches, bridging, leg slides, 5 ab series, kneeling arms facing back, feet in straps, inverted V, elephant and lunges.

2). Jessica Bielski – Spin Instructor, Flywheel Miami Beach

Hydrate! I aim to drink a gallon (yes, a gallon) of water daily. I add lemon and a few tablespoons of raw honey as well. Staying hydrated boosts your metabolism and the benefits of lemon and raw honey are endless.

3). Alvin Davie – Lead Trainer, The BOX MIA

One thing that I do everyday to stay fit is a 25 minute, high pace jump rope warmup, paired with 25 minuets of shadow boxing. I love to pretend I’m fighting a different fighter every day I shadowbox.

We Asked 17 Miami Trainers "What They Do Every Day to Stay Fit"

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4). Katie Sonier – Personal Trainer, Equinox

Eat smaller, frequent meals throughout the day.

5). Johanna Torres – Spin Instructor, SoulCycle

I try to get a sweat sesh in and drink tons of water every day.

6). Michelle Neverusky, Fitness Manager, Carillon Miami Beach.

I run everyday. It’s something I’ve done since high school. It’s me and my pair of sneakers – anywhere in the world. It’s meditative and I solve a lot of my problems by having time to think during my runs.

We Asked 17 Miami Trainers "What They Do Every Day to Stay Fit"

7). Kate Rose – Fitness Instructor, Anatomy at 1220

Besides trying to eat as clean as possible, I try to drink a gallon or more of water per day and keep up with taking all my vitamins, because being fit begins with your internal health. You have to shine on the inside to shine on the outside.

8). Harold Holness – Lead Performance Specialist, Fast Twitch

I wake up everyday knowing that I’m blessed to change lives of others. I challenge myself mentally and physically to be the best of the best by staying fit in all areas of fitness. In order to stay fit, I have to be Swift.

9). Kaleena Ladearious – Head Coach, Crossfit Armed

Everyday – Eat breakfast.

We Asked 17 Miami Trainers "What They Do Every Day to Stay Fit"

10). Adriane Abraham – CEO and Founder, The Fit Shop NMB

I follow a macronutrient based diet. I eat for my body, goals and my size. I eat six meals a day to keep my metabolism working fast and efficient.

11). Zack Held – Instructor, Barry’s Bootcamp

Only drink water and drink at least a liter a day. I want to stay hydrated and often I’ll add lemon to detox my body.

We Asked 17 Miami Trainers "What They Do Every Day to Stay Fit"

12). Christa DiPaolo – Founder of “The Cut,” Equinox

I habitually start every morning with positive affirmations. I believe if the mind is right, the body will follow.

13). Amanda Mestre – Yoga for Athletes, Personal Instructor

I start my morning with a glass of warm water and a half of lemon squeezed into it. Then I spend 5-10 minutes on my mat with some light yoga just to get my energy flowing. That sets the tone for the rest of the day, gets my metabolism revving and detoxing.

14). Albert Ghitis – Founder, Redbike

Teach a redbike class. I teach every day besides Sunday. I’ve also cut out sugar.

15). Dr. Julie Jacko – Owner and Founder, Barre / Motion

The one thing I do everyday to stay fit is a series of grand pliés, on relevé. They strengthen, lengthen, and tone the legs more quickly than anything else. In the right leggings, they’re also sexy as hell.

16). Emily Bench – Owner and Founder, Pilathon

I make sure I move my spine/back bone in every direction EVERYDAY. For flexion I do chest lift (Pilates crunches) and teasers. For lateral flexion I do side sit-ups (favorite for oblique strength). For rotation I do crisscross or twists , and for Extension, another favorite, I do swans (cobra in yoga).