Wellness Grub is giving fans yet another tasty reason to visit its eight-organic juice and smoothie cafés. Rise-and-shine with new protein-packed, plant-based breakfast items and raw bites. Plus, help prevent the common cold and flu with immunity-boosting shots, infused with all-natural ingredients.

Additions to the raw bites menu include:

  • Peanut Butter Apple Pie Overnight Oats – Made fresh daily, these oats are as good as grandma’s apple pie. Ingredients include gluten-free rolled oats, almond milk, chia seeds, peanut butter, apple, agave and cinnamon.
  • Apple Protein Pancake Nothing better than pancakes for breakfast. Savor these flapjacks made with apple, oat flour, coconut oil, vanilla protein powder, chia egg, water, agave, almond milk and topped with blueberry, apple, cinnamon and agave
  • Falafel A Mediterranean dream that is delicious on its own or added on to Wellness Grub’s savory kale salad. Ingredients include chickpeas, parsley, shallots, garlic, pink salt, sunflower seeds, cumin, olive oil, hemp seeds and rolled oats. Dipping Sauce: sunflower seeds, apple cider vinegar, olive oil, dates, ginger, pink salt and cumin.
  • Strawberry Cheesecake Dessert is always a good idea, but even better when it’s healthy. Ingredients include cashew, lemon, coconut oil, agave, dates, almonds, cacao nibs, salt and strawberry.

The new 1 oz. shots contain concentrated healing ingredients including ginger, which is known to relieve muscle soreness, treat upset stomachs and ward off colds. As a bonus, Wellness Grub also features a Sling Shot for customers looking for a quick burst of energy.

  • Immunity Shot Ingredients include ginger, lemon, oregano oil and cayenne
  • Vitamin C Shot Ingredients include ginger, lemon, acerola and camu
  • Sling Shot Ingredients include espresso, cacao powder, agave and cayenne

“Our goal is to provide customers with a healthier take on their favorite breakfast and lunch items and to also change the mindset of our guests who equate healthy with bland foods,” says Chris Kingen, founder of Wellness Grub. “At Wellness Grub, we use 100% organic ingredients, so our customers love and feel good about what they’re putting into their bodies. We also use ingredients known for their powerful health benefits.”

Prior to Wellness Grub, Kingen worked exhausting hours as a celebrity bodyguard for high-profile clients including music producer Dr. Dre, songstress Lisa Presley and international diplomats. In order to stay at peak performance, he would travel with his trusty NutriBullet and make high-energy, nutrient-dense smoothies.

Open to both Equinox members and non-members, Wellness Grub serves grab-n-go, cold-pressed juices, smoothies, shots and tonics made with 100% organic, locally-sourced produce, as well as raw superfood bites and desserts to fuel and replenish the body and mind. Many menu items are Kingen’s original blends.

Smoothies are reverse osmosis water-based, hand-blended and measured to the exact ounce to ensure the taste and quality of each product is always consistent. For optimal quality and an eco-friendly approach, products are packaged in glass bottles.

To meet the demand of fitness enthusiasts and body-building professionals who frequent the juice bar, Wellness Grub will also feature new options next month including free-range chicken, tuna salad and sous-vide eggs, which can be ordered with or without avocado toast.

Get the blend on all things Wellness Grub at www.wellnessgrub.com and follow @wellnessgrub on Facebook and Instagram.