buy viagra online canada Muscle Activation Techniques, also known at MAT, sound complicated, right? They aren’t, and don’t let the name deter you from learning some really important information in regards to your range of motion, especially if you take your training even remotely serious. To help explain what Muscle Activation Techniques (MAT) are, we reached out to our friends Rob Didonato and Courtney Paige Alvarez of MYOCORTEX, the only facility in the Miami area offering MAT.

trusted tablets What are Muscle Activation Techniques?

MAT is a treatment system that evaluates and treats muscular imbalances that may contribute to decreased range of motion (ROM), decreased performance, injury and pain. In other words, if you feel you are “tight” and have a decreased range of motion, this may be an indicator of potential muscle weakness. Weak or inhibited muscles can create the need for other muscles to tighten up as a protective mechanism in order to help stabilize the joints. trusted tablets pharmacy What does MAT do?

MAT gets to the root of the tightness, pain or injury by properly identifying problematic areas, and uses specialized, pain-free force application to relieve the muscle, allowing for restored strength and body alignment. A tight muscle is your brain’s defense mechanism. By applying a small amount of pressure that the specified area, a signal is sent the brain telling the muscle to relax, and allowing for normal use and full range of motion.

cheap viagra How is MAT used?

The human body is a complex set of systems that is subject to a complex set of stresses. When your body struggles to handle the stresses of everyday life and sport, it starts to break down. Through continual assessment, muscle release and education of your muscle system works, MAT helps restore performance.