Switching-up your workout regimen is beneficial, but it can come at a high cost. With boutique fitness studios charging upwards of $20 per class, affordability plays a major factor in how often we are branching out to try new ways to get our sweat on.

ClassPass has solved that problem. With various options from $54-$109/month (depending on the package), ClassPass allows you to try different studios from spinning to small-group fitness to high-intensity training to yoga. When you factor taking a class at each of these studios, ClassPass is not only affordable, but it breaks-up your routine and challenges you to try something new.

While not every studio is on ClassPass, there are a ton of great options to explore. Here are six of our favorite ClassPass picks in the Broward area.

1. BodyTek Fitness

Circuit training at its max. BodyTek Fitness brings high-intensity interval and circuit training to a new level. ClassPass members can expect to reach their max potential moving through various circuits that is going to offer a total body workout. Think Bosu ball burpees, squat to press, pull-ups, treadmill sprints and more. You’ll move through the workout at a quick pace (60 minutes total), and before you know it, you are done, but dripping sweat. The instructors are spot-on with their music and keep the energy high – and the class morale keeps you working hard. Check out their two Broward locations in Wilton Manors and Davie.

2. Core Contour

If you want to take a break from the weights, check out Pilates – but, not just any Pilates. Core Contour is a Lagree Fitness studio where everyone will be on a Megaformer M3 machine allowing for an intense, low-impact workout that combines strength, core, flexibility, endurance and more. It is only 50 minutes and the studio has about 12 machines, which means instructors are able to provide attention to each individual, even if you are not familiar with the Megaformer (don’t worry – they will go over it with beforehand). Expect working out muscles you never knew you had and holding movements that will have your body shaking.

3. Elevate Fitness

Don’t be fooled by the warehouse atmosphere – it is all part of the workout. Elevate Fitness’ various ClassPass offerings will launch you into a full-body workout designed to lose weight and build lean muscle. Check out their R.I.P.T workout that stands for Resistance Interval Plyo-metric Training. Depending on the day of the week, each R.I.P.T workout will either focus on lower or upper body (check here ahead of time).  The Circuit Survivor class, a high-intensity workout combining core, cardio and bodyweight exercises, will give you a total-body workout.

4. FitShop Fort Lauderdale

Tune Up. Burn Out. SuperCharge. Turbo. With workouts and an environment that have an auto shop theme, expect everything from high-intensity training with weights, boxing, agility, cardio-conditioning and more. No workout is designed the same, but they all guarantee an intense sweat with Ignitions, Revs, Shocks and Extra Miles – all of which make-up one of the shops signature workouts. Each trainer brings their unique personality to the class, keeping the ClassPass go-ers motivated and coming back for more. Check out their location in North Miami Beach too.

5. PumpFit Club

Prepare for personal group training comprised of proprietary workouts including interval training combining intense cardio and resistance training. ClassPassers will get their money’s worth with just one of these classes and will be pushed out of their comfort zone. There is a workout of the day and no day is the same – Monster Monday, Tabata Tuesday, The 40:5ve, Bucket Thursday, Open Format Friday. The boutique studio is founded by entrepreneur, Hannah Eden, who is no stranger to the national fitness world, a Reebok Athlete Ambassador, and contributor to Men’s Health, SELF, BodyBuilding.com and more. Check the schedule and catch one of her classes if she is in town.

6. The Yoga Joint

For the yogis out there, The Yoga Joint is one of the best in Broward. With two locations (North and South), the Bikram yoga classes are held in beautiful hard-wood floor studios for all levels. For those days you are looking for a good stretch plus sweat sesh, The Yoga Joint will have you leaving relaxed, but also feeling like you got a solid workout. Keep an eye out for their workshop classes (usually on weekends) – these are also on ClassPass and offer a more specialized practice on certain poses that you have yet to master. Also, check out their Core60 class, which will blast your core in a heated 60-minute session.