*This article was written and submitted by Miami fitness instructor Anthony Mendez.

Tap water and bottled water are popular choices, but there is a reason you should opt for Kangen alkalized water instead. Bottled water, for instance, may pose serious health issues due to the chemicals in the plastic containers which may leach out into the water. The use of BPA-free containers helps a little but still, there exist other chemicals which find their way to the water and your body.

On the other hand, tap water contains harmful contaminants that pose serious health issues including causing cancer and complicating pregnancies. For the most part, tap water is controlled in terms of the chemicals to be found in the water.

However, these laws may sometimes be ignored as in the case of Florida. So far, Florida’s tap water is ranked the worst. This is due to the contaminants found in the water supply that exceeded the limits causing violations.  Chromium, Total Trihalomethanes, radium, arsenic, uranium, thallium, and so many other contaminants were found to be above the set legal limit

Kangen alkalized water, therefore, remains as the best alternative for its various benefits which are:

Its healing powers

Kangen alkalized water has some proven health benefits such as deactivating pepsin to counter acid reflex, helping with blood flow, curing psoriasis, diabetes and helping people with high cholesterol levels aiding weight loss. The one that carries the day, according to alkalized water proponents, is that it can cure cancer. To support this, cancer cells survive in acidic environments which is why alkalized water becomes a cure due to its high alkaline pH. The water also reduces inflammation and improves the effectiveness of some chemotherapy drugs.

Balancing the body’s pH

The body does a good job marinating the acid-alkaline balance but sometimes due to the foods we eat and the lifestyle we choose, the acidity level may rise affecting this balance. Alkalized water, whose normal pH. is 8 or 9, works to maintain balance should the body fail, by neutralizing the acidity.

It is an antioxidant

Free radicals from toxic substances put the body at risk by weakening the immune system leaving it vulnerable to illnesses. Kangen alkalized water, therefore, helps boost the immune system as it contains anti-oxidants which combat these radicals, unlike oxidants which strengthen these radical risking your health.

Helps the detox process

Naturally, the body removes acidic waste to cleanse the body but it also receives a boost from detox diets. The diets highly recommend drinking alkalized water for its ability to neutralize acidity and remove the toxins from the cells and tissues.

It is good for cleaning food

It is a healthy practice to always wash your vegetables and fruits before use. It protects you from bacteria passed on from the many people who come into contact with the food. But when you use Kangen water, you do more than just to kill germs. Kangen alkalized water helps remove pesticide remnants which could cause cancer, affect the nervous system and even the reproduction process. Alkalized water, with high pH of 11.5 saves you from such adverse effects of pesticides

It is now clear why it is important to drink and use alkalized water to maintain good health. Kangen water, in addition to these benefits, is certified and the only medical grade water which serves as an anti-inflammatory agent, detoxifier and an antioxidant.