Yoga is a connection of the mind, body and soul. It is about becoming aware of the space you occupy and something so much bigger. Yoga is ancient. That means that it was a thing far before you and I (and modern civilization for that matter). As an ancient art I like to go from time to time and get my Zen on.

Most recently I did just that in a new spot conveniently located in North Miami Beach. Still in the 305 area code and just far enough away from those wilder beach scenes you see on Spring Break specials.

Yoga is a lifestyle and Nobe Yoga was created out of the desire to share this lifestyle with others. Founder Ved Ishairzay stated that yoga helped him to connect the dots and look at life with a broader perspective and helping him to be a better son, family member, friend and person who is overall more compassionate. Co-founder Joann Veger attributes yoga to helping her stay calm when situations arise. It has a way of helping you slow down and see the world through a different lens. That “yoga high” is a real thing.

So how was my experience? Awesome. Checking out the schedule the Vinyasa and Meditation class spoke to me. I got there and slid my shoes into the cubbie and made sure my phone ringer was on silent before heading to class. I set up my mat and started to try to relax in preparation for class.

When the start time came the teacher gracefully began leading the class through breathing and poses, offering different variations depending on the level of expertise. She made sure to allow time to feel the pose and even went around making adjustments.

I found myself really focusing on the moment and when we were in savasana (for non-yogis that’s the part at the end where you lay down and just relax) I found myself at peace. The teacher anointed us with a special blend of oils and then we all closed with an om in unison before bowing “Namaste” and rolling up our mats to step out into the real world again.

I had a really blissful experience. Everything moved along smoothly and very professionally. You can register for your class online. There is ample street parking. The space has 2 studio rooms and the location itself has a cool, relaxed vibe. Fancy showers are also there in case you want to rinse off after class. And complete with a juice bar, Nobe Yoga is your one stop Zen experience where you can step away from the hustle and bustle for an hour (or more) and take a moment to breath. They offer

So the only real question left comes from Ved himself: What are you waiting for?

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