Yoga was first practiced by the Indus-Sarasvati in India. Fast forward over 5,000 years and it’s not unusual to pass five different yoga studios in a ten-minute drive.

Society holds the idea that yoga is reserved for fit suburban moms and hippies, but that has changed, and Yoga has gone mainstream. Studios right here in Miami like SOL Yoga, TruFusion Coral Gables, Exhale, and others are really creating must-try experiences.

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The truth is, anyone from NFL linebackers, to the daily dog-walker can benefit from practicing yoga. 

Here are five reasons why you should consider practicing Yoga.

It Relieves Stress 

Yoga is a powerful stress reliever. The first reason being the ambiance: Serene music, dim lighting, and the calming voice of your yoga instructor all contribute to a tranquil environment. Yoga also encourages you to find a breathing flow that works for you as you move through the different sequences. Deep breathing techniques have been found to relieve anxiety and harness your energy into the task at hand.

It’s a Tougher Workout Than you Think 

For those who are turned off by yoga because you don’t think it’s a good enough workout, this is definitely not the case. You can burn up to 500 calories in a single yoga class depending on the type of yoga and the temperature of the room. The average person loses around three pounds of water weight from sweating in a hot yoga class.

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Your body is also working even harder in the heat of hot yoga – boosting your heart rate and endurance when holding a difficult pose. All in all, don’t forget a towel. Because you’re going to sweat. A lot. 

Improved Sleep 

A national survey reported that 55% of people who did yoga experienced improved sleep. Due to the release of physical tension and mental stress, it helps to balance the nervous system. Similar to the benefits of CBD, it works to create homeostasis throughout the body helping you fall, and stay asleep. For more information on how CBD and yoga work together, check out this awesome blog by Resilience CBD

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Reduces Risk of Injury 

There is a symmetry of balance, strength, and flexibility in yoga. The stretching involved in yoga improves the resilience of muscles, joints, and tissues. In addition to this, you’re alternating between working major groups of muscles, rather than the same muscle groups, like while running, for example. This also improves your range of motion which directly reduces your risk of injury and soreness. 

Improves Focus

Yoga requires balance, and balance requires focus. One of the main objectives of practice is connecting the mind and body. As mentioned above, you achieve this through controlled breathing and leaving all your stressors and anxieties behind when you enter the room.