Super Bowl weekend is almost here in Miami, and we can’t wait! We caught up with Dani Dellarco – lululemon South Florida ambassador – for a quick chat to hear more about living the Sweat Life, and what we can expect during lululemon’s Training Camp workout on February 1st.

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Tell us about yourself – where are you from and how did you find your way to the 305?

I am originally from Silver Spring, Maryland and spent time in NYC before moving to Miami. I was in grad school for psychology prior to starting my career in fitness. I really found a home and community in the fitness scene in Miami.

Where do you teach? How long have you been an instructor? What is your specialty?

I have been an instructor for 1.5 years, and you can catch me weekly at Equinox, Antidote, Trufusion Coral Gables and now Echelon. I focus primarily on bootcamps, cycling, and boxing. That said. I have a love for running and am active with the run community here in Miami – *get ready Stay Fit fam*

Tell us about your experience as a lululemon ambassador. What is your favorite part?

My favorite part about being a lululemon ambassador is the community – it’s so much more than selling apparel. Lululemon does a lot to connect the community, and the Merrick Park store has done a lot to support me in everything I’ve wanted to do – like my community runs. The support they provide for ambassadors is incredible.

So tell us, what we can expect at the upcoming lululemon Training Camp workout?

The Training Camp workout will be at Margaret Pace Park,  Saturday, February 1st. It’s a huge event with the workout consisting of four stations – mobility – strength, cardio, and agility – everything you need to be an athlete. I am leading the agility section alongside other Miami instructors, and I am really looking forward to bringing our networks together and teach and collaborate with other trainers I normally don’t’ get to. It’s going to be a unique and fun event!