Surf Yoga Beer is changing the way we travel. Fusing health and wellness into an action-packed adventure trip, SYB is all about building bonds with like-minded people in incredible destinations. We caught up with Surf Yoga Beer founder Mantas Zvinas to hear more about SYB, and get some insight on the Miami Weekend Adventure.

Hey Mantas – nice to connect. Tell us a little bit more about yourself.

Good morning, good morning, good morning! I’m from Los Angeles, worked in NYC for six years, and now live in London. My fitness background started with swimming, surfing, and yoga, and transitioned to mainly spin, where I teach at SoulCycle.

Sounds like that was the inspiration behind Surf Yoga Beer.

Definitely. When I came to NYC, I found out that not that many people shared an experience like mine growing up – surfing, snowboarding, hiking, adventures down in Baja, Mexico on surf trips, etc. So, I started to bring a little of that lifestyle into the lives of some clients that could use a little, ‘Don’t Think Just Do’ spirit.

That is how Surf Yoga Beer all started, just sharing the three things I loved most in this world – adventure with Surfing, Yoga for perspective in life, and Beer for good times. 

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So what can guests expect during a typical SYB travel experience?

When you show up to any SYB experience, and we have them every month all over the world, you can expect a few things consistently. You will meet someone that will become your new best friend. Our community is similar in that we share our love for making ourselves into our best selves with daily workouts, time for reflection with introspective activities from our yoga leaders (many of whom graduated from our yoga teacher training academy), and you can bet we indulge in the best way to bond with someone – a good party!

This isn’t a yoga retreat – we’ve had to make that clear a few times over our five years and 70+ trips. We are not eating granola, chanting, and forcing people to sleep at 9 PM. We are here to take in an experience that will remind you how to stay up late and stargaze in the middle of the Sahara Desert, or on a dock in Belize. We want you to dance the night away with the most embarrassing dance moves ever attempted, or to open up about true feelings on life with someone that feels the same exact way as you! These are now your new best friends.

Mantas Zvinas

Is the experience entirely pre-planned, or can guests venture out on their own if they want?

It’s a blend and a balance, so while we’re loaded with activities, we always factor in some “free time” as well. Every day, from early morning to late night parties, we’ve got it all planned out – boat days, hikes, beach runs to secret bars, and even designated time for bonding – but the majority of the time we’re also nearby a beach or pool, so it’s nice to chill a bit too. 

Health and wellness seem to be a major focus of the SYB experience. Tell us why that’s so important, and how that differs from the usual travel itinerary.

Every trip, the same thing happens – we pick everyone up from the airport, and it doesn’t matter if we’re driving through historical Cuba or extraterrestrial Iceland, everyone’s eyes and attention are within the bus and the guests. Travel is a funny business, most people travel to say they’ve been to amazing destinations, but we truly believe it’s more about meeting amazing people. Because it doesn’t matter where you are, it’s ultimately about who you’re with too. That’s what the endorphins from workouts are for, that’s what the yoga is for, that’s what the beer is for – it’s to bring us all together no matter where we might be around the globe.

What can everyone expect from the upcoming Miami Weekend Adventure?

Miami is a gem because while it will be familiar since it’s in the states, we purposely curated it to be not too familiar for everyone too, because it’s such a wonderful, culturally rich city with so many things to do away from South Beach. Our Surf Yoga Beer team based in Miami are incredible too, so it’s the perfect way to experience meeting new people while also getting a taste of the SYB international lifestyle – we’re stoked!

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