3:45 AM wake up calls were getting old for Miami Fitness Trainer, Evelyn Curry. She quickly realized her passions were not as the radio station, but inside the gym. Curry signed up for her NASM-CPT and never looked back. We caught up with Curry for a Quick 10 interview, but you can also follow her on Instagram – @ecurry.

Tell us about yourself – where are you from and how did you find your way to the 305?

I was born and raised in Miami with a stint in Columbus, OH for college.

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How did you get your start in fitness and as an instructor?

Do you have time for the whole answer?! I was the Morning Show Co-Host on 101.5 for four years. 3:45 AM wake up calls were getting old and I didn’t feel like I was doing “enough” or helping people in the way that I feel I am in the gym. Going to the gym was the highlight of my day and I was always there before and after class times. I also loved going to new gyms to just check things out and meeting people. Finally, I signed up for my NASM-CPT and never looked back.

How do you stay full of energy throughout the day?

I wish I had an answer, but I really am like this all the time. I don’t drink pre-workout, coffee, or any of that stuff. Even for 5:00 AM classes.

How would you describe your classes?

Energetic, fun and challenging. Don’t grab a 12 lb dumbbell when I say grab a heavyweight. I will make you put it back. You can’t mail it in my class, do better and be better.

What is one fitness myth you would like to bust?

Where can I start? Lifting weights won’t make you bulky. Two workouts a day won’t outwork a bad diet. You can’t hit the “smaller” part of a muscle or tone a certain area. Let’s make it stop!

Tell us a little bit more about your specialty.

Being a female bootcamp instructor, I think it’s my duty to inspire, push and make the gym a more welcoming space for all athletes but especially other women. If you want to get stronger, sore, and sweat, come see me.

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Besides fitness, what’s one thing you’re passionate about?

Dogs, food, and travel! I will make google spreadsheets of restaurants based on meals before we have even left.

What is a long-term goal you are working towards or would love to achieve?

I’ve done over 12 Crossfit competitions but I would love to try an Olympic Weightlifting meet.

How do you practice mental health in your everyday life?

Honestly, I just stop and smell the roses. I acknowledge how grateful, lucky and blessed I am right now. I don’t take anything for granted.

What do you love about the South Florida fitness/health & wellness community?

Since South Florida is a big city, we get access to a lot of cool gyms not everyone else has access too! Hello, Barry’s, Soul Cycle, Rise Nation, etc.